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This story is based on a true story, honest to God.Of course some of the details are embellished in order to make it more interesting.I like to think that I got extremely lucky in picking such an awesome wife.Angel is very beautiful standing about 52
My wife and I have discussed the idea of swinging before and as much as she liked the idea she had never been fully onboard with it. The thought of seeing me with another women brought up large amounts of jealousy and she couldnt handle it. Dont get m
I love sex. I love looking at sexy women. I married a sexy woman. I look at pictures of sexy women. Somewhere along the line, I don't know when, all those sexy women on the internet made me forget about the real thing I have at home. I think it w
White whore on the slave plantation pt 1Jessica was at a difficult age, a child with the blossoming body of a woman, a blue eyed pale skinned, blonde haired goddess/ child part latino part caucasian, she lived with her mother on the Carlos Menendez Pl
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