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This is the third episode, I hope you are enjoying and mostly I hope I’m improving. I know I’m enjoying letting my filthy mind run riot. Comment’s good or bad appreciated Dons mistake leads to fun:- chapter three….the gang ban
Converting the FamilyChapter Three: Billy's New Slutty FamilyBy mypenname3000Copyright 2018Note: An anonymous fan commissioned this story and allowed it to be shared. I merely penned this individual's outline. Thanks to WRC264 for beta readi
Snuggled up and lying on the sofa, I rest my left arm over Nick’s stomach. My head lies on his chest against his heart that gently beats against my ear, as his left arm pulls me close and subconsciously strokes the back of my right hand. We lay
THE DONKEY SOLUTIONTHE AWAKENING:As Dominique gradually came out of a deep sleep, she felt something large and hard being slipped between her lips.When the flashlight shaped implement got all the way in, she automatically sucked it.She quickly establi
It finally stopped raining around 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I sat up to look around. I was in a park just blocks away from Disneyland. I stood up to stretch until my chest decide it had other reasons as to not to. I looked across the way to see a co

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