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This story has been buried deep inside of me for a long time. I remember all of it very well, almost like it was last week. Ive reminisced and re-lived it all many times over the years. Much of it is quite fun to remember. Some of it is bittersweet. S
The Aftermath 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jim was falling, damn you'd think they'd have a meal on this f
The weekend.Friday-Alex.My parents were out of town for the weekend, three days of pure freedom and bliss. Everyone expects you to run a big ass party when you are home alone for the weekend, but let’s face it, sometimes chilling home alone is e
My husband, Mark and I have been married for just over 16 years. I thought our sex life was good, but he was starting to hint he wanted to add some spice to our sex.He would ask me to do things like go braless when we went out for dinner. He would try
I never really had a stable place to live growing up. My mom died right after I was born, so I bounced around from one family member to the next. I was always a smart girl. I made honor roll every grading period, was an active member in the National H

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