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Alex stared out at the calm peaceful waters before him. After driving for nearly an hour, he'd found himself at a spot by the local lake where his father used to take him fishing. They'd spent hours here, laughing and discussing whatever was
My life in Texas has gotten quiet over the past two weeks and were down to the beginning of August and my girls and friends are looking at our last bit of time in Texas. Were planned to head back in thirteen days and my personal life has taken itself
BimboTechChapter Eleven: Bimbo Wife KidnappedBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech ChemicalsI groaned as I sank my cock into Donna's wet, sultry pussy. My bimbo wife let out a moan around the senator's cock ramming do
“Hey, hey, everyone listen.” They were all looking at her now. “I asked Bill to take my virginity but he said I had to ask all of you first. Please say yes.” All of the girls there started yelling ‘YES’ or ‘Bu
Al led me through the front door. I had redone her hair and make up after a quick shower. I was wearing a pair of black six inch stilettos and the same dress Id been wearing all day. Als wife Candace was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Candace wa

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