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Michelle's Weekend (2)Eshe Folami turned to Roland Jones. She was monitoring the audio of the rape via Michelle's phone and wristband. “Time to go,” she said.Roland climbed out of the van, quickly moved up the small stairs and en
This is a true story and it continues to this day as far as I know. The first story was more of an introduction to the characters and a history so you wont be confused so I advise that you read it. Hoping for lots of responses!A Rock and a Hard Place
The Academic and the Nymphomaniac.An erotic Science Fiction, Comedy.In your English Language my name is David (Beloved) Patterson (Fathers Son), literally. I will not give it to you in my language, You would have a harder time learning our alphabet th
I sat in my room, and checked the clock. It was 6.00pm, which means dad would be home any second. Time to see if mom would tell him about what had happened earlier.As the minutes passed my expectation of him kicking down my door grew less and less, fi
Jodi's Story Chapter 7It had been an incredible weekend. We were at my sisters farm in Eastern Oregon and had invited a couple of friends out for a "Good Time". Saturday Jodi had spent the day fooling around in the barn with our friend

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