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After Judge Cooke left the room, I wanted to talk to Sharon about what just happened. I wanted to know how it felt. Did she like it? I was hoping that she would turn over and face me, but she never did. I fell asleep, thinking the events were over.I d
The rest of the day was full of all my kids pulling me here and there to see all that they could see. Even though they all wanted to ride the adult rides they had to deal with the kiddie ones. As the afternoon grew to evening it was time to meet up wi
Boarding School EncounterChapter Seven: Henrietta's Pussy Tentacles Molests Her ClassBy mypenname3000Copyright 2016“Answer me, Miss Henrietta,” panted my Latin teacher, Miss Erma. She stepped back from the desk. I lay stretched over i
Seventy dollars, I yelled out and waved my bidding paddle.Im bid 70, the auctioneer responded.Do I hear 75?Seventy-five, I yelled again and the entire room full of people erupted into laughter.Seventy-five is bid from the gentleman who just bid 70.Do
LETTER XIIAnother break in the narrative: Harry resumes his correspondence with Charlie where he joins Louisa's family at breakfast.As you may well imagine, my dear friend, after the wild excesses I had just experienced, I was ready enough to sin

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