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(Authors Note - While i can't begin to thank you enough for the heavy support of this story, I do realise that there are issues with the time between chapters. This is mostly due to a mix of reasons and i do apologise, however, once posted the us
Beach Bitch 3After the escapade with Roger in the beach showers, where I had been rescued and discovered by a lady who took me home, things carried on with her for a while and I didn’t hear from Roger.I was pretty cross at him for leaving me for
Work had gone badly after I stopped texting Becky. Things had gone wrong and then progressively worse from there. An entire project had slipped by 3 days so I had a ton of issues to clear up. This was going to cut into my plans tonight. I phoned the d
Rick groaned in appreciation as my slick pussy slipped further down his shaft. The slightly painful felling of his big dick stretching me was really turning me on, making my juices flow, and that was making it slip into me a little easier. I whimpered
My mom worked nights and sometimes if my step-dad or grandparents were unavailable, she would leave me with her old friend (Brenda) from her old high school. Brenda had a daughter (Shay)who was my age and a son who was a 2 years older (Dante). Brenda

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