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Shorter Chapter this time through, but what is accomplished here is important to the future of our tale.I call it our tale because if no one were to read it, it would just be a collection of words in cyberspace.I hope you enjoy.There may be a slightly
This chapter is a bit shorter but not lacking for content and information.I appreciate all of you who are still following this tale.Anyone who is reading who has any questions or feedback please comment.If you want to send a PM you can register on the
In a society that otherwise resembles our own, mass slavery has persisted into the 21st Century. It is a common and accepted feature of public and private life. Males and females of all ethnic backgrounds are held thrall, without status or legal right
When Nadia had proposed the idea of 'therapy-through-pretend-adultery' he had been immediately interested and repelled at the same time.Interested because, frankly, he was bored with Nadia, and the idea of an extramarital fling was increasin
[It's back! I was unsure about continuing this story, but I had too many requests not to keep it going. I love talking to my fans, especially ladies, and trading some dirty talk.]The looks were plentiful and varied as Danielle and I entered schoo

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