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“ And yeah真实国产乱子伦在线视频

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“ And yeah真实国产乱子伦在线视频

PART 5I heard my ex (Pete) laughing. “I’m going to call you TC from now on…. your cunt is the size of a huge tunnel, so your new nickname is Tunnel Cunt." I wiggled my ass and Blackie was RAMMED back in and it went ALL the way back in... Success! As I felt the dildo being pulled out I started wiggling my ass again and I was still squirting when I heard it drop on the floor. I instantly felt really empty and disappointed.I looked at him and smiled, "is that ALL you’re going to call me"?"What else did you have in mind", he asked. "Where are the boys", I asked. "They’re out in the backyard, why?" "I’m going to be 100% honest and I need you listen carefully.""The drugs that my doctor gave me are dramatically changing the way I think, feel and look. I specifically asked him to prescribe (much more) than the normal daily dosages and I’ve been taking triple, because I want this so bad." I told him EXACTLY what I wanted to become and he’s going to help me. He’s going to be coming here every couple of days and giving me injections, to speed this up. I asked him to turn me into addict for cum and anything that he felt like. Turns out I got what I wanted and a lot more. I’m learning new things about myself every day. Everything that I’m experiencing I LOVE it and I want a LOT more.He knew that I wanted a really BIG cunt. I’m guessing that whatever drugs I’m taking is allowing my cunt to stretch very easily and I love that. I’ve noticed that the entrance to my cunt now gapes open all the time, but (at the moment) my labia are nowhere near big enough… I WANT them to be the size of a tuba! "Why the hell would you want to do that?" Pete asked. If my labia is the size of a tuba and is “always” gaped open, it means that anything (huge) that’s gets near my cunt will just slide straight in. Exactly the way it should be. I’ve discovered that I really like pain and even more than pain I want abuse. I KNOW I’ll become completely addicted to it. I REALLY only want to be treated like an animal. I don’t want to be (physically) beaten yet, but the more you abuse me, the more I enjoy it. I’m not sure what my limits are, so I NEED you to keep constantly “pushing” the limits.Don’t treat me with ANY consideration at all.I WANT you and the boys to humiliate and embarrass me as much as you can. I need to be taught to feel NO shame at all, ok? The boys will follow your lead and I WANT you to lead them and keep pushing them, I said.“Are you sure that’s what you want, because once you start this, there’s NO turning back, ever” he said. “I’ve already started and I know I WANT it all…Don’t ask me, TELL ME or better yet, force me. The more, the better and don’t EVER stop!” Pete took on a very authoritative tone and sounded very dominant. Well, you are going to get EXACTLY what you deserve from now on."We all know that you’re a whore and a perverted slut… but I really love that", he said. I laughed and said, “You forgot to mention that my legs are always open for my sons, so that makes me an incestuous slut-whore. If you only think of me as a perverted slut, I’ll have to try harder….I want to be a depraved slut", I said.I was just lying there enjoying the moment and thinking how great I was feeling. "Stand up", said Pete. Without question, I got to my feet and stood in front of him. "Take the costume off and follow me", he said. "Why?" I felt a sudden sting, as his hand slapped one of my udders really hard. "Do what you’re told and don’t ask fucking questions," he said. I got out of the costume and stood there completely naked. He grabbed both of nipples and twisted them REALLY hard. "You are going to crawl outside like a cow and show off your gaping cunt to everybody. I am going to tell them who you are and what you are." He saw me shiver with anticipation and excitement. He slapped me across the face so hard it knocked me to the floor. It stunned me a bit, but I have to admit, I did like it. "Get on all fours and follow me," he said. He didn’t wait for me and started walking out into the backyard.There were no lights on in the backyard, but it was a full moon. As I crawled out there, I could clearly see about 20 men standing around drinking beer and talking, all eyes turned to me as I crawled out of the house, my udders flopping in front of me, my ass on display as I crawled past. I felt unbelievably embarrassed. They could all see me naked and I felt unbelievably humiliated….This feels SO good! I heard Pete talking quite loudly; "Guys this is the cow we’ve been telling you about. Have a look at the size of her cunt." He leaned over and easily slipped his hand into my gaping cunt. As his hand disappeared I heard gasps and grunts from the crowd. "She is a damn fine cock sucker too" This brought several unfamiliar cocks right in my line of sight I sucked the nearest one between my lips without hesitation."Look at that slut go" I heard a voice say behind me. The man in front of me started fucking my face and I reached out with my hands to stroke two nearby cocks. I was aware of all the legs that I was surrounded by and a lot of unfamiliar voices. I felt hands on my udders pulling and twisting my rings. "Look at the fucking size of her udders, she really does look like a cow," someone said. I really did feel quite proud of myself, when I heard that comment. I was roughly manhandled onto a bench in the middle of our yard, the sort that typically is part of a picnic table set.Several hard cocks were shoved in my face and very quickly my mouth was overflowing with cum and it was dripping into my eyes and in my hair. Several hands took turns slapping my ass there seemed to be a contest between a few of the men to see who could leave the most convincing hand print.The boys had gone the trouble of adding padded boards, so that I could put my shoulders up against them.In that instant, I KNEW what was going to happen and I desperately wanted it more than anything else. I was quivering with excitement and I started to squirt again in anticipation. I heard a bit of the conversation, between somebody and Matt, it went something like...A voice sounding slightly irritated, “I really hope bringing this Shetland pony over here isn't a waste of my fucking time. I know it's only a 10 minute walk back across the reserve to my place, but I've really got better things to do”."No, it won't be. Trust me, her cunt IS big enough and she will take all of his cock", said Matt.Pete grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my face up, so everyone could see me. "This is Kay," he said. "She is my wife. Steve and Matt are her sons and the three of us fuck her all the time". I was so embarrassed that my face turned bright red. However, I was so turned on by what he had said, I was trembling. He started laughing, “ And yeah, she’s always had a big cunt and now we’ve stretched it a LOT more.""Now it’s so BIG, her cunt is useless for fucking but she will spread her legs for anyone (or for that matter) anything. If any of you want to fuck her, go ahead. Although, I would suggest that you fuck her ass. Her cunt is just too big." I heard the horse’s owner speaking. "This fucking horse is horny all the time and I mean ALL the time. All he wants to do is mate with all the other females that I've got and I don't want any cross breeding. If this doesn't work, I’ll have to get him gelded!" "Trust me; mom can do this. Just have a look at this," said Matt. I felt a hand grab my cock and pull on it really hard and (of course) I squirted. There was a lot of laughter and I heard several voices saying, “Hey gimme a go at that”.Different hands were pulling on my cock and I would automatically squirt every time they did it. Again, I lost control of pussy juices and I just kept squirting nonstop. I heard someone say, "how hard does she like it being pulled"?"The harder the better", Matt said."Are you serious"?"Yup, try it and you'll see for yourself".I heard several voices saying, hold her down. I felt a LOT of hands pushing on my back really hard. I was pinned down and I could not move at all. I felt a hand grab my cock and pull it so hard I thought that they were to tear it off.I started cumming, squirting and shaking all at the same time. This seemed to go for an hour, well it felt that long and I was in heaven! Then I heard the owner’s voice again, "This horse's cock is about 18 inches long, she is never going to take all of that.""Tell you what”, Pete said “if she can't take it all, I'll pay for the Shetland to be gelded.""Sounds like a fair deal, what about if she does take it all?""Well, how many male Shetlands do you have?""At the moment, I have eight… why?""Then, leave a couple of them here all the time and I'll make sure they are serviced properly.""Sounds like a good deal. How about we get this show on the road."Pete started talking to me quite loudly. "Kay, this horse IS going to fuck you. You ARE going to take ALL of his cock, whether you like it or not." Judging by the look on my sons faces, they were surprised and excited by what he was saying. I could hear the horse snorting loudly, so I knew that my pheromones were telling him that I was on heat. The voices got very quiet and all of a sudden and I could feel his tummy hair rubbing across my back. Then I heard the distinct sound of the horse snorting above my head. At that moment, I have NEVER been so turned on in my life! Only ONE feeling totally consumed my mind and body and it felt unbelievable. I absolutely HAD to mate and nothing was going to stop me. I was still squirting, my pussy juices were literally pouring out but I kept wiggling my ass.... and then I felt it!The horse's cock was poking around the entrance to my cunt like a blunt instrument, trying to find its mark. I really AM going to make my labia a LOT bigger, so that it’s easier for him to fuck me. I was running on Adrenaline and my pussy juices were still pouring out of me and I didn't hesitate at all. I lifted my ass up so the horse would find his mark. He made a few small tentative thrusts and then rammed his cock all the way in. I grunted loudly with pure pleasure. The horse continued to fuck me for only a few minutes and then pulled out. I was SO disappointed. I heard someone say that he was just getting started and would be fucking me again in no time. Right at that moment, I got VERY agitated and angry. I NEEDED to mate, right NOW. From all the sweating I’d been doing, I was very thirsty. "Someone give me some water," I said. I felt several sets of hands drag me to my feet and someone stuck a bottle in my mouth. It splashed everywhere, but I did manage to swallow some of it. While I was standing there having a drink, hands were all over my udders and it felt someone was trying to tear my cock off. It was a great feeling, actually!"Get me back on the bench, right NOW!"I heard Pete yell out, "NO… hold her arms." A couple of the guys grabbed my arms and held me firmly. At that moment I suddenly felt much shorter and for some reason the ground felt spongy. I looked down and saw that the horse had scratched out a rather large hole to lie in and I was standing in it. I looked about 10 inches deep and about the size of the (side) of the horse. With all the people milling around, a lot of the soft dirt had been inadvertently kicked back in the hole. Now that I had my bearings, I realized that I was in a complete daze and the ONLY thing I wanted to do was fuck! Pete stood in front of me. He kicked my legs apart and slapped one of my udders REALLY hard. Everybody could clearly hear the loud “whack” as his hand made contact with my skin. It felt like an electric shock and all I could say was, "Oh!" He hit each of my udders and face several times and the sensations kept feeling better and better. I could feel my juices starting to drip out slowly onto the dirt that I was standing in. Matt and Steve walked over and started to restrain Pete. "Dad, what are you doing?" "Just look at this useless cow, she’s about to cum from being slapped." Matt and Steve both looked at me and saw me shaking. "Look at her cunt…. You can see her juices running out," said Steve. Matt laughed, "You fat, useless cunt of a cow, you really enjoy this don’t you?" I looked at him pleadingly and little smile crept over my face. I felt a sharp sting as Steve’s open hand made contact with the side of my face. My juices started to drip a LOT quicker. "Boys, only use your open hands and don’t slap her face too much, ok." All three of them starting slapping my udders, face and cock as hard as they could. After a couple of minutes, I completely lost control and my juices were pouring out like a fire hose. I let all the new feelings that I was experiencing wash over me and started to orgasm violently and couldn’t stop. I vaguely heard Pete yell out, "Let her go." I dropped like a rag doll and fell straight down into the large hole that I was standing in. I was writhing around in the mud like a mad woman. I couldn’t stop cumming or squirting. Due to the sheer volume of my juices that were running out, it very quickly turned into a mud bog. I could hear Pete and several other people laughing out loud. "See, I told you she’s nothing more than a cow and that’s how she HAS to be treated from now on. Boys, humiliate her as much and as often as you can. She loves it!" My orgasm finally subsided, but I still had no control over my juices that were pouring out of me.As I lay there, I was so glad that the motivational speech, Pete had given the boys really worked. I was laying on my back, when I suddenly felt a warm splash of something hit my face and realized that several guys were pissing on me. I spread my legs, opened my mouth and said, "Gimme more please." They certainly gave me what I asked for. It felt like every person there pissed in or on me. I found it exhilarating to know that all the guys were watching me drink their piss and that I really enjoyed it. Because of how much sloppy mud there was in the hole, I could actually feel the mud seeping into my cunt hole…. That felt SO good! After they had all relieved their bladders, I rolled over and got back onto all fours. I heard someone say, “I’m not lifting that cow back onto the bench, she’s filthy”! I smiled and thought to myself, now this IS the way that I should be treated! I spread my legs obscenely wide and started wiggling my ass like the mad woman (on heat) that I was. I felt the weight of my lover on my back, so I reached underneath me and guided his cock back to where it belonged.He didn't hesitate this time and RAMMED his cock all the way back in. I knew he had his "whole" cock in me, because I could feel his balls slapping against my inner thighs. It was very brutal but I didn't want it any other way.I was a possessed woman. I was shaking and squirting uncontrollably. I couldn't have formed a coherent sentence if my life depended on it. The only noises I could emit were gurgling and grunting sounds, just like a cow.I was being fucked EXACTLY the way I wanted.... Brutally and without ANY consideration for me!My horse lover fucked me for about 15 minutes and then I felt him tense up and cum deep inside my cervix. I could feel his copious cum pouring out of my well used hole and running down my thighs. I used my hands to scoop it up and spread it all over my pissy muddy body.At that moment I felt very contented. I've never felt so sated in my life!I heard Matt's voice beside my head, "We ARE going to make you into a cow." I was way too tired to really process what he's said. I just closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep in the mud. I must have dozed off for a couple of hours and awoke with a sudden jolt.... It was still night time and eerily quiet. Everybody had obviously gone home and I thought I was in the backyard on my own. As my eyes adjusted to the surroundings, I had a little time to think about where I was right now. I felt very contented at that moment. But well aware that I was still on heat, but I didn’t feel cold at all. As I lay there in the mud, I could feel cum leaking out of my ass and trickling down onto my cunt. A smile crept over my face, as I realized that some of the guys must have fucked me in the ass, while I was asleep. My mouth felt gluggy from all the cum I had been swallowing and my hair, face and my back were covered in cum as well. I don't think that they could have treated me any better than that! I’m not sure why, but as I laid there in the mud, I started flexing my cunt muscles and discovered another “bonus” from the meds that the doctor had prescribed. Ya gotta love a doctor that’s (hopefully) more depraved as I am! I found that that if I took a deep breath, flexed my cunt and stomach muscles together; I created a sucking action in my cunt. It took a bit of practice, but I soon found that I could create a VERY strong vacuum effect in my cunt hole that made labia “flutter”. It sounded just like a horse snorting and I LOVED it! From now on, I would be able to “signal” with my snorting, that I’m on heat! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Shetland and was pleasantly surprised that they had left my lover in the yard with me. I continued to make my cunt snort as loud as I could. It only took a couple of minutes before I could feel the Shetland’s cock prodding around my hole as he tried to mount me. I didn’t need to guide his cock as much this time. As soon as it was past my labia, I started flexing VERY hard…. And all of a sudden my cunt “sucked” his cock in, just like a vacuum cleaner. It only took a few seconds for my cunt to suck his whole cock in. I have never felt so full!That feeling of his huge cock sliding into my huge hole, while I was snorting felt exquisite. He needed to fuck and I was EXACTLY the right cow (slut) for the job. His cock slid in and out effortlessly and (again), I could feel his balls slapping against my inner thighs as my udders and nipples brushed across the dew, wet grass. I felt like I was in heaven! He blew his load way up inside my cervix and casually dismounted me. I scooped up some of his cum that flowed from my gaping cunt and fed it into my mouth as quickly as I could.Cant' afford to waste something that had become it's own food group! He was standing near me, acting as though I didn't exist and grazing on the short green grass. He didn’t care about me at all. I had served my purpose and that’s ALL that mattered to him. From now on, that’s the ONLY way I want to be treated! I crawled over to him and studied his cock. It was semi hard and still leaking cum. I was suddenly aware of what I was feeling. This was another effect from the meds and I let the feeling wash over me! This wasn’t “just” a feeling of wanting to suck a cock…. I was literally drooling! I had no control at all and HAD to suck his cock. I realized that it was automatically expected of me. I felt like I HAD to swallow cum, as if it was my only food source. I sucked his cock clean and with both hands worked him back to hardness. It took a bit of effort but I was soon deluged with what seemed like a gallon of pony cum. I drank as quickly as I could but the sheer volume escaped my lips and flooded my face and udders. Isn’t this exactly how a depraved slut (like me) should act? From that moment on, I “knew” that I had to clean any cock after it had fucked me. I fell asleep again and the next time I awoke it was sometime in the morning. I got up,撒尿bbwbbwbbw毛 but my legs felt really weak and (surprise, surprise) I couldn't keep them together. I stood up and waddled into the house to have a shower. Both the boys and my ex were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast, naked. Steve saw me first, "What the fuck do you think you’re doing?"I instinctively dropped down on all fours and spread my legs. “No, get outside and I’ll hose you down”. I walked outside and stood there waiting.Steve turned on the hose and signaled to me, to get on all fours. I deliberately stood there and didn’t move.He slapped me across the face and said, "Get on your hands and knees." I just stood there with a smirk on my face. He slapped me again, but this time it was so hard that it knocked me to the ground. I got on all fours, spread my legs and waited. The blast of water was quite refreshing, but didn’t feel particularly cold. He got most of the mud and cum off me and then turned the hose onto my cunt. I wiggled my ass as he slid the hose into me. There was tremendous pressure from the water and I could feel my hole filling up, which actually felt quite good. The next job was to hose out my ass. Steve took a long time doing that and laughed when I emptied my bowels. When he finally finished, he threw me a towel and walked back inside the house. I traipsed into the kitchen, but the three of them weren't taking any notice of me. They were involved in a discussion about me. But I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Steve snapped his fingers and gestured to me to come over to him. I again, stood there for a minute. This time he didn’t say a word to me. He walked over to me, slapped me REALLY hard and knocked me to the floor. He went and sat back down and didn’t even look at me, just snapped his fingers…. That’s how I need to be treated! I walked over and stood in front of him. He grabbed my nipple rings and dragged me to my knees. He then grabbed the back of head and shoved my face onto his cock. I started sucking and deep throating his whole cock…. Yum!I felt Matt came up behind me, slipped his cock in my ass and proceed to fuck me. The phone rang and Pete picked it up. After a brief conversation, "Just a minute she's sucking her son's cock right now, as soon as she is done, she will be able to talk". He held out the phone for me and I tried to hurry things along but all that did was make it louder and nastier sounding. I knew that whoever the caller was could hear me sucking and slurping. "Oh fuck mom," he moaned as Steve unloaded into my mouth. I swallowed and wiped my chin. I took the phone off Pete, but Steve was taking his time fucking my ass and my breathing was rapid as a result. Steve had reached around and was pulling on my cock, hard!"Hello?" "Oh hi sweetie, are you really sucking off my grandsons?" "Oh God, Mom!" "You are, aren't you, you dirty slut" "Mmmhmm," I managed to moan "Seems like you're enjoying the things that I used to. Does Pete enjoy you being a slut and fucking your boys?" "Yes," I gasped. "Well you know what happened there." I did in fact know what happened there, mom had gotten knocked up by Pete. My sister was my husband's daughter, though mom had never mentioned it to anyone but me. My dad was jealous and wouldn't stand by with mom fucking around on him and it lead to a lengthy period where we didn't talk. When dad found out that I was fucking mom that was the last straw for him and they divorced. My half sister, Julie was a couple of years older than the boys and I hadn't seen her or mom for several years. Not because we didn't want to, I used to love sucking on mom's clit and she used to fist fucking me all the time. But that hadn't happened in at least ten years. "Mmhmm" I managed to gasp. "What's going on there?" "Steve is fucking me in the ass," I moaned. "Oh goodness! Sounds delightful, is he as big as Pete?" "Bigger," I groaned. "I can't wait, how about I come up for a holiday next week." "Oh god mom", I moaned as Steve pumped my ass full of cum. "What was that about," Pete asked. "Don't worry Pete," I smiled as I licked Steve's cock, "Mom just wanted to say hi." "Sounded like more than that." "Hmmm, she reminded me of the times we used to play with her." "Wow, you fucked Gran?" Steve asked. "Yeah when your mom and I started to get serious we would have threesomes all the time, she was a real wild cat and loves cock almost as much as your mom." After the boys had finished using me, they went back to eating their breakfast and ignored me. As they ate I crawled up under the table and cleaned Steve's cock with my mouth. I knew they had no further use for me, so I went and had a shower, as the doctor was going to here soon. The feeling of the water running over me completely revitalized me. I felt really (really) good and I knew that the drugs were making feel this way. I stepped out of the shower and just stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I was happy to see that my pussy hair was now completely covering my pubic area and about 8 inches long. I think my mind was playing tricks on me, because my udders looked a lot bigger. On closer inspection, they were in fact a LOT bigger, my areolas and nipples looked like they had doubled in size. Hmm, I'll worry about that later. I sat on the edge of the bath, facing the mirror with my legs apart. I lifted up my matted pussy hair and boy, did I get a surprise! My cunt looked obscenely huge and I mean HUGE!My cock was now about 5 inches long, but still about 1 inch thick. My labia looked completely distended, but they weren’t anywhere near long or big enough. Within seconds of me of seeing this, my pussy juices were already dripping onto the bathroom floor. I knew straight away that I was VERY close to being in Primal mode and I wasn't even slightly bothered by it. I pulled on my cock and I instantly squirted... This is so cool! I was genuinely proud of the way my cunt looked and chuffed about what I'd achieved in the last several weeks. I was sitting there in (kind of) a daze, when Pete walked into the bathroom. He leaned up against the wall and just stared at me. I smiled and spread my legs …. "You like what you see?" He smiled, "I can only see your cunt hair and your udders, but I honestly think you look fantastic." His cock was starting to get hard, so I lifted up my cunt hair and said, "So you like my big cunt and udders, now?""They’re not big, they’re huge and I love them. Getting to watch that horse’s cock sliding in and out of your cunt was unbelievable! I’ve never been so turned on, in my life." At that moment, I suddenly felt a strong sense of empowerment over him. "I have to fuck ALL the time now. You do realize I can’t go back to the way things were," I said. My ex laughed, "We talked about this yesterday and you’re definitely NOT going back to the way things were. Besides, what do you mean, ‘going back’, you’ve been a slut for most of your life." My cock was getting hard again. "Why, whatever do you mean"? I said with a coy expression on my face. "Ok, let’s be honest. I know you and your mom were fucking her side of the family. Your uncle and cousins not to mention the lesbian orgies you used to have with them too, seems like you were one of their favorite cunt lickers. I'm not sure how good your memory is, but do you remember when your mother first started fist fucking you?" "Well, yeah but that was a long time ago." "She told me a long time ago that she didn't like having a tight pussy. It made taking really big cocks difficult and giving birth to your sister was hard. So she made it her mission in life to make sure that you never had the same problem. If you remember, she was ALWAYS trying to push her arm up inside you as far as it would go. You were usually thrashing around having an orgasm at that point and too preoccupied to pay attention. When she had her arm up inside you as far as it would go, she would use a "swirl" motion, so she could stretch your hole. If you remember, she was fist fucking you 5-6 times a week. She was ALWAYS trying to make your hole bigger. That's why you’ve always had a big cunt and why I used to fist fuck you so often. I lost interest in sticking my cock in you a long time go. However, I really enjoy watching other people and our sons fuck you”."Well, if we are being 100% honest, you enjoy sucking cocks as much as I do." "Yes I do," He admitted. "You’ve always known that I was a slut and you just wanted other people to fuck me, didn’t you?" "That’s true….We both know that you’ve never been fussy (at all) about who fuck you, just like your mother. I also knew you were sneaking out at night and letting those dogs and all those guys fuck you."I was a little surprised, "You knew about that?" "Sure I did, that’s why I always went to bed early and acted as though I was asleep. Once you had gone out to the reserve, I would sneak out and watch you. I also set up a lot of the guys that fucked you, as well." I started making my cunt snort loudly, just to tease him. "You get off on watching other people fuck me, don’t you?" "I really do. You should cut off all that hair so that you can show off your cunt a lot easier," said Pete."When you watched me being fucked, you used to jerk off, didn’t you?” "Yes I did.""That’s why, when I came back to bed after getting fucked, you would eat my pussy in the middle of the night?""Yes, I loved doing that!""You loved sucking all the fresh cum out of my cunt, didn’t you?" "Yes I did, very much so." I handed him a razor and said, "Shave it all off." He knelt down in front of me and applied the shaving cream. It only took a few minutes and all my cunt hair was completely gone. He just sat there in front of me, staring at my cunt. "Oh my God, that looks fantastic." His breath was becoming short and I could see that he was as turned on as I was. "You ONLY ever wanted me to be a perverted slut, didn’t you?" He looked up at me, "I LOVE you being a depraved slut, that’s all I’ve ever wanted." "And, what you really want is to be Cuckolded, don’t you?" I grabbed the back of his head and slowly pushed it down onto my throbbing cock. "Technically, we are still married. So from now on, you ARE my Cuckold and I AM your depraved, slut wife." He just groaned and kept sucking my cock. I reached down and started (slowly) milking his cock. "From now on, you can’t fuck me at all," I said. He groaned loudly and nodded in agreement. "You’re going to learn to be an excellent cocksucker, just like me and now I going to fuck you!" He rolled over on his back and my cock slid easily into his ass. "You just wait ‘till my cock is 10-12 inches long.""Are you going to fuck me when it’s that big?""Yes I will and so will both of our sons. From now on, you don’t get to fuck anyone at all."As I finished saying this, I looked around and saw both of the boys standing in the doorway. I smiled at them and said; "Well, they’re the new rules. Your father is also going to suck your cocks from now on and you can fuck either of us, anytime you feel like it. If he breaks the rules and tries to fuck either one of you, I’m going to let the horse fuck him." Pete groaned loudly and started cumming all over his own face and stomach! Once I had finished, I sat there and watched as both of the boys took turns fucking him as well. I looked at Pete and smiled, "Now the two of us are “their” bitches. I'm also buying you a (lockable) cock ring that you're going to wear all the time and I'll have the key. If you need to cum, it will ONLY be down my throat." As I stepped over Pete, Matt noticed that my cunt hair was completely gone. "That looks a lot better mom, we LOVE looking at your cock and cunt and you HAVE to show it off more often." "Hey, you’re not wearing any clothes from now on and you have to keep your legs spread, always!" I just smiled at the boys and said, "Your wishes are my command."The doctor arrived and (as instructed) I greeted him naked. We went into the lounge room and (without asking me), “hooked me up” to several intravenous drips. He did his examination and once he had finished he asked, "How are you feeling?" "I feel fantastic and I LOVE what you’re doing to me, but I still want a LOT more." With that, I fished his cock out and began to suckle it and tickling his balls with my fingertips. "When you first came to see me, you explained all the things that you wanted and I DID promise you that I would give you everything you wanted and a whole lot more. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about all the things that you had said to me." "The two that stick in my mind are; You want your udders to be LOT bigger and produce milk and you want to get fucked by horses.""Your husband came and saw me yesterday and we had quite a long conversation. He explained everything I needed to know, in great detail. I FULLY understand what my role is now and I WILL do it enthusiastically. Once Pete understood that I really AM just as big a deviate and more depraved than you, he’s given me complete license to do whatever I feel is necessary. I have made several new additions to your meds and I’m sure you will love the results." "You know that I tripled your dosages. And these drips are giving you dosages that are much higher again. Far more than you ever imagined." I looked at him with an accepting smile on my face and said "Thank you." "I’m not going to tell you all the things that I’m doing to, it’s going be a surprise. I will tell you about a few, so you will have a small idea of what to expect." "I've removed (what should be) any inhibitions you had left. Another is to make your labia grow VERY quickly and they WILL become huge. You won't feel the cold anymore, so you can live outside in the yard permanently like a proper animal. Your pubic will never grow back anymore and lastly, you WILL become a “sexual being”. Very soon, your pussy will control everything you do." Right at that moment he came in my mouth and I gobbled it down, like a good slut.He waited until the drips had finished, "I'll need you at my house tomorrow, to run some more tests." "Tests?" "Yes, this sort of transformation should be properly documented." "Okay I guess." "Good and please remember that that I am risking a lot doing this to you." "I know, I appreciate it." "I have a colleague, her name is Bev. She's a Vet and I've been consulting with her since the first time you came to see me. She knows everything that's going on and she has been advising me on what drugs to give you. She's going to pick you up tomorrow and bring you over to my place, ok?" He asked as he slid his thumb along my cock. "Yes," I moaned. "I'll call her and confirm the details." "Thank you." After he had left, I felt very happy with the progress I was making, but I still wanted a LOT more! I explained to the boys and Pete what was going on and they were all very happy for me. After spending the previous evening in the yard fucking the pony and taking several loads from him. Bev arrived and I walked out to her car, wearing only my thin cotton house coat and climbed in next to her. I instantly felt like we were old friends and a really good feeling about her. We headed off to the doctor's house and I was brimming with enthusiasm. END OF PART 5


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