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overcome by desire美女被强奷到抽搐的高潮视频喷奶水

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overcome by desire美女被强奷到抽搐的高潮视频喷奶水

Let me give you a little background on ourselves. I am 5' 9" and medium build, my wife Rosie is 5' 7", blonde, slimmer than me with nice 36D breasts and a killer pair of legs. We have never swung, nor have we ever cheated on each other. We have watched lots of porn though and she knows I've fantasised about her fucking another man.Due to a misspent youth and from smoking a lot of pot, my swimmers aren't as good as they should be, plus I suffer from performance anxiety, probably from punching well above my weight. Thanks to this though, I'm good with my mouth and hands, and I also have a prescription for little blue pills.Now, a few years ago, my wife and I were invited to my company Christmas party up North. John, a work buddy of mine, offered to put us up as his place for the night so we could share the cost of a taxi and also keep him company while his wife was at her Christmas do down south. As he only had a single bed in the guest room, he offered to sleep in there and let us have their bed, naturally we protested, we've spent many a night cuddled up in a single bed before, but John was having none of it.The journey down to the venue was uneventful, we chatted about work and who would be at the party, all while John was doing his best to not talk to Rosie's breasts. He did rather well too, considering the low cut top she was wearing.At the party we stayed in our little group, occasionally mingling with co-workers and their spouses, and dancing when the music was right. The champagne was flowing well too, as the CEO was flexing the company credit card.When we got back to John's, we said our goodnights and went to our respective bedrooms.Rosie jumped out of her clothes and in to bed. I followed suit, keeping my boxers on, thinking that, because we were at a friend's house, having not taken my Viagra and knowing the effect booze has on my libido, she wouldn't be in the mood. How wrong I was!She started by whispering in my ear, "Steve, that champagne has gone to my head, I'm feeling horny." Stroking my cock through my boxers, trying to coax it into life, I turned on to my back as she disappeared under the duvet and swung her leg over my head. Taking my limp cock in her mouth and using her tongue under the head, she backed up so I could lick her pussy. Rosie's clit was swollen and inviting as I sucked and flicked it with my tongue, building her up to a slow, rolling orgasm.One of the things that really turns me on, is hearing Rosie cum. My penis, through her oral ministrations, and listening to her orgasm, was raising its head to, what I thought, was a rather impressive length.Rosie though, had forgotten we weren't at home, raised her head from my cock and came, screaming that she was cumming as my finger found her g spot and I licked her clit forcefully.I was sure that we'd closed the bedroom door but, as I released her clit and turned my head to check, I could see the door standing ajar and in the gloom of the hallway, John stood with his erect penis in his hand. He hadn't seen me looking though as his attention was focused on my alluring wife, who was currently oblivious and bucking with wild abandon as my fingers massaged her pussy to another climax and her breasts bounced in the dim light."I need that cock now Steve!" She cried on the brink of another orgasm. With the shock of knowing that John was watching, my penis had started its journey down to softness again. Rosie knew this, but didn't know of our voyeur, so I asked if she'd like to be satisfied by another cock?"Fuck yes!" She said, thinking I was fantasising just trying to make it rise again, "But we can't wake him!"I waved him in. At first he was shocked, as was Rosie, but he entered the room and Rosie was still buzzing from the champagne and her last orgasm. She eyed up his cock, licked her lips and said "Come here, big boy." She got up as he approached the bed shyly, his hard penis leading the way. I was still on my back as she lowered herself to my face and took John in her mouth. I carried on licking and fingering her back to the peak of orgasm but she needed more, she needed cock and she needed it now!Rosie let go of John's cock. The thin string of saliva and pre-cum joining her lips to his manhood, broke as she turned around and knelt on the bed, offering her pink and swollen pussy to him. She resumed her skilful sucking on my penis as John went to enter her from behind. "Don't cum in me!" she said, "I'm not on the pill and I think it's my fertile period." "I'll grab a condom." he said, but she was swallowed by lust and pleaded to be fucked immediately. Not one to turn down an opportunity he ploughed, unprotected into her wanton pussy."Fuck! It's so big!" She squealed as he entered her effortlessly and she came after a few strokes. Hearing her cum on another man's cock, my own penis sprang to life and she gobbled it greedily as John's cock relentlessly fucked her.John was trying not to cum and she must have sensed it was close because she straightened up, letting John fall out of her pussy and my now hard cock from her grasp.We tried anal once, but she wasn't too keen on it. She did however; own a slim vibrator that I'd use in her bum whilst I looked after her pussy. Now though, she said she'd like to try something more adventurous. Her arse was well lubricated with saliva, as was my cock and she lowered herself apprehensively on to it, pausing as my head touched her ring,好爽好湿好紧别拔出来视频 she impaled herself on my throbbing member. John took his queue and, as Rosie leaned back with me underneath, he pushed his unsheathed penis slowly into her waiting cunt.It was unlike anything I'd felt before. I could feel him penetrating her pussy through the walls of her anus. His head rubbing against mine through the gossamer thin lining of her entrance. Aroused like never before, I made hardly any movements, yet my cock began to pulse as he fucked my wife slowly. Rosie felt it too and she started to cum as I emptied myself into her bowels. She also felt John start to pull out and, overcome by desire, wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper as he erupted into her womb.Exhausted, we lay there, entangled, catching our breath as the enormity of what we'd just done sank in.John broke the spell first, removed his spent penis from my wife's swollen pussy, kissed her cheek and went to the guest room.Rosie climbed off me, went to the en-suite, sat on the toilet and started sobbing.I followed her in but she stopped me with a look. "What have we done?" She asked. "That just wasn't me! I can't believe that was me! What was I thinking? What were WE thinking?""We just got caught in the moment love!" I said, "It all happened so fast and we got so horny that...""I could be pregnant!" She cried, "I don't know what came over me? He started to pull out but I stopped him!""If you are then we'll just have to live with it" I said. "You've always wanted children and my sperm is just too bloody lazy to give you them. On the plus side, John and I are similar, people mistook us for brothers at the party. We'll get through this.""Do you think so?" She implored. "Of course we will." I said. "We've been through worse and got out unscathed".She hugged me fiercely, I hugged her back."You go back to bed, I'll be in in a sec" she said.Two minutes later she was back under the covers and her arm snaked around me, holding me close.I was woken in the morning by the sound of running water. Rosie was in the shower, singing softly to herself. I stayed on my side, dozing, listening to my wife when the bedroom door opened."Steve, are you awake mate?" John whispered. "I've left my toothbrush in the bathroom!" I feigned sleep. He tiptoed around the bed, looked at me, then tiptoed to the bathroom door. He stayed still in the doorway for a moment, mesmerised by my wife's gorgeous frame. She jumped when she saw him. "Sorry Rosie." he said "forgot my toothbrush.""It's not all you've forgotten." she replied."Yeah, sorry. Steve was asleep so I thought I'd just grab it quick without you noticing.""Well, I've noticed you now" she said coyly. "Someone else seems to have noticed too!" She pointed to the tent in his boxers. "Steve will probably be asleep for another half hour, why don't you point that thing somewhere useful?"I couldn't believe it! Was my wife seducing him? I turned over quietly to see but the door had been closed.I crept as silently as I could to the door, the running water and my wife's moans masking my approach, hoping for a glimpse of their coitus.I pushed the door slowly. Through the gap in the door frame I could see her bent over, gripping the sides of the bath as John expertly pounded her from behind. "Fuck me. Harder. Oh God!!!. Fuck me, FUCK ME!!!!" She screamed brazenly, seemingly not caring about the husband she'd left asleep on the bed. "I'm going to cum!" He shouted. "Cum in me!" She screamed, "Fill me, fill me, cum in meeeeeee, oh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Yes!" She cried as he shot his second load into her married, fertile pussy.My cock was rock hard as I climbed back into bed, listening to them panting after their session.He left the bathroom with his toothbrush and returned to the guest room.My wife came out of the bathroom with a towel around her hair and her pussy, puffy from a fresh fucking and leaking her lover's sperm. "I know you heard that!" She said "I need finishing off and I don't want to waste that hard on!" She climbed on to the bed and straddled my waist. My cock penetrated her folds as she rocked herself gently at first then, as she came hard, grinding her pussy down onto my painfully throbbing member.We lay cuddling as John entered the room saying that he needed to pick Sheila up from the station. "We'll get breakfast ready then." Rosie said, "It'll be nice for her to come back to a fry up."We got showered, dressed and plated up the breakfast as Sheila walked in the door. We sat chatting, not mentioning the threesome and possible breeding of Rosie, when John said that it would be nice to have us up again, Sheila said that that would be lovely as she had spent hardly any time with Rosie and knew they would be great friends.Two years later and Beatrice is the spitting image of her mother, although I'm often told that the dark hair is the same as mine. It could be too, I did fire quite a lot of my little swimmers up there in the weeks following, thanks to my fantasy come true. We've never and will never have a paternity test as I love my little girl as if she were my own, whomever the father is.We still go up to see Beatrice's Aunty Sheila and Uncle John every so often, but nothing like the previous events have ever unfolded since. Although I'm sure John would like another turn with my wife, we've never had enough champagne to get Sheila in a fizzy mood!Maybe next time we'll take Tequila?Sx



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