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“pick two my love国模和精品嫩模私拍视频

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“pick two my love国模和精品嫩模私拍视频

My wife and I have discussed the idea of swinging before and as much as she liked the idea she had never been fully onboard with it. The thought of seeing me with another women brought up large amounts of jealousy and she couldn’t handle it. Don’t get me wrong imagining my wife with another man made me jealous too, but she never really knew how much I wanted to see it. The thought of her moaning as another man rammed his cock into her sweet little pussy drove me wild. Now I’m not the kind to just want to sit back and watch as my wife got pounded, I wanted to be involved too. The idea of having a three way with her was hot as hell to me. I could just imagine my wife sucking my dick as she was getting her pussy pounded. And the thought of my cock inside her pussy with another mans was almost enough to make me cum. But I digress, this is the story of how she found out just how bad I wanted it to happen. We sat down next to each other at the bar and I think she could already tell just how horny I was. She reached over and started to rub my thigh and took the liberty or reaching in to my crotch from time to time. It excited me and made me nervous at the same time, we had never fondled each other in public before. When the bartender came to take our order she started to play with my cock aggressively under the bar. With my jeans on all she could do was rub the shaft of it but it felt amazing nonetheless. I could tell that the bartender couldn’t see what was going on but I was thoroughly enjoying it. As soon as the bartender left I reached my hand over onto her lap and started rubbing at her mound under her jeans. She gave me a little smile and I kept rubbing it for a little longer, feeling the warmth starting to rise up from her pussy. When the bartender came back with our drinks I undid the button of her jeans with my hand and slipped my hand underneath of them. I was still outside her pussy but the amount of warmth and wetness oozing through her panties felt amazing against my fingers. I kept rubbing her pussy for a little while and I could hear her softly moaning with each stroke of my fingers. Eventually I pulled her panties to the side with my fingers and I slipped a finger into her soaking wet pussy. As soon as my finger penetrated her she let out a louder moan of pleasure inside the bar. I could tell that a couple of the other patrons could tell what was going on, but none of them seemed to mind. I slipped a second finger inside of her and started to wiggle them around her warm, wet pussy. The palm of my hand was pushed up against her clit and with each time I wiggled I moved my palm in the slightest to stimulate her further. Her moans got louder and louder and I started to look around the bar to see who could notice. I found that several men had gathered at other seats around the bar and seemed to be enjoying the sound of my wife’s moans just as much as I was, even if they didn’t get the pleasure of fingering her sweet pussy.Eventually I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and paid for our drinks so we could head back to our room. We had probably been at the bar for 45 minutes and had drank about 5 drinks a piece, all the while I fingered her. It didn’t take me long to realize that several men were following us from the bar. It was than that I made the most nerve racking proposition that I had ever made to my wife. I leaned in to give her a kiss that whispered to her “do you want to fuck one of those men?”Her response was typically conservative at first as she whispered back to me “I only want you baby”. At this point I was already in far enough that I decided to push the evelope a little, “I want you to fuck one of those men baby,” I cooed back at her. She seemed taken aback at first and surprised. She clarified that this in no way meant that we would have a three way with a female at any point in time. I told her I understood and that I really just wanted to watch her play with two cocks at once. I leaned in and gave her a kiss before teasing her a little bit, “you telling me you wouldn’t like to play with a couple of extra cocks you horny slut,” I moaned at her before leaning in for another kiss. She gave me another smile and asked me if I was sure. I told her that I was and that I was extremely excited to watch her play with another man cock. I looked back and noticed that there were three men that had been following us since the bar. I told her to pick her favorite and that we would go ask him to join us. At this point she surprised me by giving me a coy little smile and saying “why don’t we invite them all, since I am such a horny little slut”. I gave her a big smile in return and counteroffered, “pick two my love, that will be more than enough for our first time”. She picked her two favorites,国产草莓视频无码a在线观看 and than we went back to talk to the men with our offer. I did most of the talking, I started out by saying, “so which of you want to fuck my wife?” To which all of the men quickly replied saying that they wanted to. I told the two that my wife had picked and told the one left out to go home. We quickly headed back to my room as I discussed the ground rules with the men. The ground rules were simple enough but more stringent than I’m sure the men would have liked. They went as follows:She would not suck their dicks, but they were free to eat her outThey will wear a condomThey will not kiss herNo photos or videosAnd they will leave immediately afterwardsFor our first time I thought that would be fair enough. The men didn’t object as I am sure that they were still in shock that they were going to get to fuck her at all. We arrived at the room not long after and I shut the curtains and settled down on the sofa with the two strangers. My wife got in front of us all and I pulled out my dick excited for what was going to happen next. My wife slowly stripped in front of us, starting first with her shirt. Her massive C-cup breasts appeared from under her shirt. They were still covered under her bra but it was still quite a sexy sight. Next she undid her jeans and slowly worked them down to her ankles before stepping out of them. As she stood there in just her bra and panties I could see the other two men pull out their rock hard penis’ and start jacking off as well. Next my wife undid the clasp to her bra and ever so slowly dropped it the floor. With her breasts and nipples in plain sight now I could hear on the men beside me say something about how fucking perfect her breasts were. I agreed with him as my wife slipped her wet panties down to her ankles, exposing her beautiful shaved pussy. She looked gorgeous standing there completely exposed as three men jacked off to her naked frame in front of her. I stood up off the sofa first and got undressed and the two men followed suit almost immediately. I started out by pushing her back onto the bed and putting my mouth in-between her legs. I quickly started lapping at her pussy and clit while the other two men started sucking on her nipples. I could hear her moaning loudly as we stimulated her most sensitive areas with our tongues. It didn’t take long and I could hear her screaming with her orgasm. I felt her pussy pulse as she came in my face and as soon as she was done I backed away and lined one of the men up with her pussy. He started to fuck her gently as I got to my wife’s side and started to kiss her. I grabbed her hand and placed one on my cock and one on the stranger’s cock who was sucking her nipple. She started to stroke us both gently as the third man fucked her pussy. We did this for several minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore and I ordered the man fucking her to flip her over. He happily complied and soon my wife was on all fours getting fucked doggy style by a stranger. I worked my over to her and slid my body under hers, lining my cock up with her face. I didn’t have to tell her what to do as she got the hint and started sucking me off as the man fucked her in the ass. As my wife sucked my cock I took command, living out my fantasy. I told the man fucking her to start fucking her harder and the man that had been sucking her nipple to fondle my wife aggressively. The men were reluctant at first only fondling her a little and fucking her at a slightly faster pace. I once again ordered the man to fuck her harder and told the man fondling my wife to start squeezing her tits like he liked them. As the man slammed into my wife’s pussy I scratched along her back and moaned my pleasure along with her. “Smack her ass” I ordered and the man did it. I was in my comfort zone ordering these men how to please my wife, I told the man fondling her when to pull her nipples and when he was allowed to touch his cock. I told the man fucking her exactly when to smack, scratch and pull her hair. All the while she sucked my cock to the best of her ability as the men tore her apart. Eventually the man fucking her couldn’t hold it anymore and I could feel him cumming as he finished fucking my wife. I told him to get dressed and leave which he quickly did. Meanwhile I told the man folding her to take his turn and he quickly mounted her from behind. I pulled my cock out of my wife’s mouth and slid down so my cock was lined up with her pussy. I pushed my cock against it and me and the other man slowly forced our cocks into her stretching pussy together. I heard my wife moan loudly proclaiming that “it felt so much better than the dildo and my cock”. I couldn’t have agreed more. We fucked her maniacally and I felt her pussy cum time and time again as she screamed as loud as she could.Eventually I felt the other man’s cock pulsing as he came and his cock went limp and slipped out. I pulled my wife down on me as the man got dressed and left. I started to fuck her stretched pussy harder and harder enjoying every second of it. It didn’t take me long until I came, coating the insides of her pussy with my cum. She moaned as she slid off me proclaiming “we have to do that again”.


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